Wedding Planning: Tight Timelines

Planning your wedding on short notice? No need to panic! Our experts have put together our top tips so you can coordinate your special day like a pro:

1. Get – and stay – organized. Are you a list person? Do you prefer using a calendar? Pick a system and stick to it. Itemize all the tasks you need to do, delegate where you can and get to it!

2. Tackle the big 3 first: budget, guest list, and theme. Once you’ve decided on your date, checking these off your list will give you a little breathing room – not to mention peace of mind.

3. Pick an all-in-one venue. Avoid wasting time on sourcing multiple locations for the day and save the hassle of paying several separate deposits. Pro tip: many venues offer last-minute discounts so that they can fill the space, so be sure to check on that with your venue of choice.

4. Get your invites out! If you’re really close to the date, you might want to consider using an electronic invitation to save the time it takes to receive replies. (And it doesn’t hurt that you’ll be spared the cost of postage too.)

5. Need to buy blooms? Even with a tight timeline, you have options! Visit your florist, find out what’s in-season and put together something that doesn’t need to be special ordered.

6. Do dessert! Last minute wedding cakes can be a tough endeavour, but if you’re not set on traditional, the sky’s the limit. From donut walls to s’mores to waffle bars, there are tons of options available to you at the last minute to treat your guests to something sweet. They might even offer something at your venue, so you can cross that one off your list at the same time.

7. Get dressed up. If you’re not the standard sample size, a last-minute wedding dress can be a challenge, but not an impossible feat. Not going traditional? Consider ditching traditional approach with a pre-loved dress or even a rental, that way you don’t have to add fittings into your hectic schedule.

8. Want photos of your special day? No problem! You’re not too late to book a pro, there are several photographers who specialize in last minute bookings, so do a quick search and get on the phone. Alternatively, consider a photo sharing website and have your guests do the work. Remembering your big day is important, so choose an option that works for you – and for your timeline.

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