Weddings: Getting High Tech

Have you been to weddings recently where technology has played a large part? Are you planning your wedding? Well, if you’re planning to incorporate technology into your special day, here are some suggestions for how you can make that happen:

Full Stream Ahead: Sometimes it’s hard for guests to travel the distance for your wedding, but technology can make the world feel a whole lot smaller… From 360° live video streaming to Facebook Live and Instastories, most social media platforms now allow live video feed, so that friends and family from afar can still share your special day.

It’s Alive: Do you have a custom hashtag? That’s a great way to sort all your guests’ photos, but not only that, it allows for you to have a live event wall! All you need is a screen, a laptop and a hashtag (and a free downloadable app) to make all your guests’ posts appear in real time on the big screen.

It’s a snap: Snapchat, anyone? If your guests are already into Snapchat, you’ll need a custom filter! Snapchat has filters or designs that you can overlay onto each wedding photo posted. For a really low price, this is a unique way to customize your guests’ photos as they’re posted on Snapchat…

Self Expression: The days of Polaroids at every table are gone… But they’ve been replaced with selfie sticks! Encourage your guests to take table selfies and videos by providing a stick at each table, and get a whole different perspective on the night.

Charge it: In this day and age, with your guests snapping and posting videos all night, here’s a way to make sure their devices to remain fully charged. Set up a table with a power bar and include a variety of cables for all your guests’ needs. This not only provides a convenient service, but it also encourages guests to share and take as much footage as they can, without worrying about their batteries.

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Photo credit: Amer Nabulsi Photography