What’s New On Our Farm This Year?

Our farm provides 80% of the fruit and vegetables for the kitchen in the summer months. Spanning four acres, the farm helps to reduce our carbon footprint, increases our guests’ experience and enriches the resort’s natural beauty and charm. What’s new on the farm this year?

Well seed: We’ve been working hard to develop our own seedling program in the last couple of years. How? Using our seeds from successful crops year over year, we dry them out in a cool, dark place and then we store them over the winter. We then start seedlings indoor and transplant them into the garden over the May long weekend. This is a benefit to us in a few ways: we know where our seeds come from and how they’ve been treated, we can get an early start on our plantings and we maximize our crop year after year by using seeds we already know are successful in our climate and region.

Fruits of our Labour: We are planning to add a raised garden in the near future, dedicated to selected fruit. This will be an area where we plant blackberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Give it a Try: We’ll also be experimenting! Every year, about 5% of our planting is devoted to experimentation. Last year we tried out lemon cucumbers, which were a great success, and we will be planting them again this year. For this season, we will be adding brussel sprouts to be planted in the summer, for harvesting in the fall. We will also be trying eggplant, which really like the heat, so we will be planting them towards the centre of the farm. They will be planted in early June for harvest in July.

Looking for more info on our farm-to-table philosophy? Please visit our website here: https://www.hockley.com/the-farm/