Your Winter Wedding: 5 Tips

Planning a winter wedding? Here are 5 tips you may not have thought of, from Kendra Gatshcuff, our Wedding and Social Sales Manager:

1. Are your bridesmaids dresses strapless or short-sleeved? Gift your ‘maids a beautiful pashminas or a stole to keep them warm, stylish (and happy) between photos.

2. If you’re planning on having a receiving line, consider hosting it indoors (or under a tent). Your guests want to congratulate you, but best not to have them waiting in line in the cold!

3. Because it gets dark earlier, think about your photos. Be sure to discuss photo timing with your photographer and videographer so that you capture the look you want while there is still light.

4. In wintertime, your choice of florals will, of course, be more limited. All is not lost, there are some stunning options for this time of year, but consult with your florist in plenty of time to ensure that your vision is do-able.

5. Don’t be afraid to add a festive feel to your day. A stunning Christmas tree or a New Year’s Eve inspired sparkler send-off can make it extra memorable.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Vaughn Barry Photography