Your Home: Pre-Spring Cleaning

Yes, it’s still winter (barely) but you can beat those winter blahs with a home that sparkles and shines! Looking to do a little pre-spring cleaning? No problem! Our housekeeping staff has some nifty tricks to help you whip your house back into shape, in a snap:

Salt stains from winter boots?
Try using a half and half ratio of white vinegar and hot water to scrub them clean. If they are heavy duty stains, switch to ¾ white vinegar to ¼ water to maximize your results.

Dirty windows?
Get your windows squeaky clean by using a squeegee. Quick tip: Make sure you dry your squeegee completely each time you lift it off the window to avoid getting streaky water marks.

Trouble sleeping?
At the resort, we rotate our mattresses with each season to extend their life span. Because this helps to minimize the permanent imprint of your body, it’ll be like giving new life to your mattress and more importantly, could afford you a better night’s sleep.

Messy Grout?
At this time of year, the grout in your front hall can become awfully messy. Get that grout clean with peroxide or bleach; simply scrub your grout with a hard bristled brush to restore it to its summer beauty!

Static Cling?
With the dry winter air, static is often an issue. Save the waste and your embarrassment – trade in your dryer sheets for a dryer bar. They are reusable, can last up to 6 months and an indicator will let you know when it’s time to be replaced. Can it get any easier than that?

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