Your Wedding: Technical Issues

Weddings and tech talk don’t traditionally go hand in hand, but there is some social media subject matter you might want to review for a match made in heaven! There’s no right or wrong thing to choose, these are just issues you may want to consider to have your day go without a glitch:

Snap, Snap: Are you ok with your guests posting to social media? Many couples are asking their guests to unplug, meaning that guests do not post pics prior to the bride or groom. Conversely, if you love the idea of candid photography, you might consider encouraging guests to post, even providing them with a hashtag to use for posting.

Making Movies: While photo booths were once the in thing at weddings, video booths are gaining popularity! You could do this instead of, or in combination with a dedicated videographer, depending on what you are looking for.Again, consider your uploading policy. Do you allow guests to video on their phones as well, or do you have someone stream the videos as they happen?

On The Web: Many couples have a website, blog or both dedicated to their day! This could be a great way to show off your engagement photos, make announcements, or to update relatives who may not be super tech savvy. Some people are even sending their invites out over the web a great way to make your wedding a little more green, too!

Information Highway: Whatever you decide, make sure you clearly communicate it to your guests! You can include direction in your invitations, on the program or ask your officiant to address it – you just want to make sure your wishes are clear. Take privacy into account, as well as logistics and most of all, what will make your day the most special for you!

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